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SurfsideTX.Net started serving dialup users in Brazoria County with Digital telephone connections that allowed for Highspeed Dial-Up services. The problem with this type of service was that not all users enjoyed the highspeeds due to the conditions that exist for remote and urban areas. This led us to change our way that we provided Internet Access. Since our technical side had extensive knowledge in deploying unique networks, we decided that instead of telephone connections we would use wireless.

This gave us the ability to control the entire connection between the user and our sites, eliminating the telephone system. We started selling only Highspeed Wireless Internet Access in January 2002. This type of service was unavailable throughout Brazoria County and allowed us to be able to provide Highpeed Internet Access to All of our Users. We now provide service in Surfside Beach, Quintana, Treasure Island, Hideaway, Bridge Harbor, Turtle Cove, and Demi-John. If you currently reside within 20 miles of Surfside Beach, chances are that you can  use our service. Our minimum speed that we provide to each connection is 6MB, both UP and DOWN. With the unique makeup of Wireless Connections, we are able to provide more outbound bandwidth than DSL and better inbound speeds. We provide for a connection that allows for VPN connections, providing access to corporate users. All equipment used in our network is designed for Outdoor Deployment and in harsh environments.